Bengtsår Camp Island

Bengtsår Camp Island is open all year round. The activities consist of camps and excursions organised by youth groups, youth centres, youth organisations and youth associations.

The scenic island is located to the north of the Hanko Peninsula, approximately 120 kilometres to the south-west of Helsinki. It has seven separate camp areas and two sizeable saunas. In the summertime, numerous theme camps take place on the island, and from fall to spring, the sauna buildings are used for accommodation.

The island is a 4,5 km long and 1,5 km wide paradise that boasts all kinds of activities. Every camp area has a pier, a cooking shed, an outhouse, a campfire and a tent area.

Most activities take place on the southern part of the island but almost the entire island, aside from a few privately owned plots, is used by the camp participants for hiking. Part of the island forms a conservation area for oak groves. Camp activities also take place on two smaller islands (Barnhom and Aspholm) nearby.

The city has organised camp activities in Bengtsår since 1948. The island is still mainly visited by youth centres, youth organisations, other agencies and departments and sports clubs. In the summertime, around 2 100 children and young people take part in over 60 different camps, which adds up to 11 000 camp days a year.


Contact information

During camp season (1st June to 16th August)

Bengtsår camp island
Bengtsår pier
Bengtsår 920
10900 Hanko

E-mail: bengtsarin.leirisaari(at)

Camp manager of the island

Aleksi Lappalainen
Tel. (+358) 040 – 3583214
E-mail: aleksi.lappalainen(at)

Phone numbers during summer (15th May to 22nd August)

INFO (reservations etc.)
Every day from 9.00 to 17.00, 050 5591731

EVENINGS AND NIGHTS (on-call person)
Every day from 17.00 to 8.20, 050 5591729

Transport and maintenance
Every day from 8.20 to 17.00, 050 5591729